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A link to a longstanding blog on PLF organised by Tom Sawford:


A link to PLF's publisher John Murray:


A link to friends of ours and their business in Kallikratis:


A link to Amazon and details of other accounts of SOE in Crete:


Search for:

  • 'Ill Met By Moonlight' - William Stanley Moss

  • 'The Cretan Runner' - George Psychoundakis

  • 'Hide and Seek' - Xan Fielding

  • 'The Stronghold' - Xan Fielding

  • 'Appointment in Crete' - Sandy Rendel (out of print but occasionally available)

  • 'The Cretan Resistance 1941-1945' - Nikos Kokonas


Below: Rocks high above Fourfouras where Tom Dunbabin had his hideout. Codename - Eagle's Nest



'The Eagles Nest'. We found this cave in October 2015. The hideout was raided in the Spring of 1943, after which it ceased to be used by SOE. PLF writes about the raid in 'Abducting A General'.

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