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The Eagle's Nest

In October 2015 Peter, Costas and I had a great day out with Iannis Mourdzanos. We went high up above Fourfouras to the Kallergispilia, a cave used by SOE - Dunbabin and Leigh Fermor especially.

George Psychoundakis described it like this:

'I left at once with Mr Michali, heading for Mr Tom’s hideout among the peaks halfway up Mt Ida above the village of Phourphoura. This cave lies on the very edge of a sheer precipice, among the last wooded peaks of the mountain; - below from Phourphoura it looked like the utmost limits of the horizon.

It is a very peculiar cave, hard of access even for shepherds; you have to approach from above, and tread with care in order to avoid going headlong over those sheer and enormous precipices; you advance to the right behind a needle of rock, like a mountain goat, climbing first up and many times down, before finding the cave. From there all the villages of the Amari are spread out below you in a panorama.’

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