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Kyriakosellia - Peristeres Cave

On the 30th January 1943 - a week after the raid on the Beehive - Xan Fielding, Arthur Reade, George Psychoundakis, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Vangeli Vandoulakis and Alec Tarves regrouped in a large cave in a valley near the resistance village of Kyriakosellia.

On Monday 10th October 2016 Rufus Reade and I were able to find the cave with the help of our good friend Costas Mamalakis and a local shepherd - Dimitri. We were then joined by another shepherd Nikos, whose grandfather had sheltered Arthur Reade in his house in 1943, and whose father remembered - as a 10 year old boy - meeting Arthur at the time. Micros cosmos - small world.

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